The murder at Trinity College

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Dublin, City center


The murder at Trinity College is a murder mystery inspired by true events.

As an investigator, it is your duty to solve this brutal murder.  


You must gather sufficient evidence and indict the right suspect to ensure the safety of Dublin's streets. But it turns out that there are many possible suspects and the hunt to find the murderer is more challenging than expected.

Good luck ... you will need it!

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How dos it work?

Buy it, pick it up and play it. You can play the mystery at any time it suits you.

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The mystery is picked up at our shop not far from the starting point.



About the game

The year is 1899 and a sinister murder has been committed. You must now try to find out who the murder is.



Through the mystery, you will be guided around Dublin's historical surroundings, while solving puzzles and tasks related to the area.



Eventually, you should gather enough evidence to accuse the right suspect. Afterward, the identity of the murderer is revealed together with the evidence and sentence that condemned the guilty.

People say the most beautiful things about our mysteries

Peter Alexanian 

The historical perspective and the use of the surroundings made the puzzle an exciting experience. The two hours disappeared in no time.

Familien Norup 

We had super fun. 

And then we solved the mystery!

The alternative had been a disaster ; )

Frederik Hansen

Value for money !!! Highly recommended to everyone. Worked well with many groups especially for those who won ... ha ha ha