The murder by the Cathedral of Barcelona

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Barcelona, City center


You´re standing outside Cathedral of Barcelona. The murder mystery is inside your envelope. A horrible murder has been committed, and you must now try to find out who is the murder.

You will be guided around the Sagrada Família in a historic setting while you solve puzzles and tasks. Finally, you gather the threads and hopefully catch the killer ... before it's too late.

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Price per group: 39 €  

Players per group: 2-4 

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English - Spanish

Age: +8

If you are several groups that want to play at the same time, the team that solves the mystery wins and finishes first!

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About the game

Why not activate the Sherlock Holmes inside you.

The year is 1914. You are a criminal investigator, operating in Barcelona, solving murder and other crimes, when you suddenly receive a strange letter. An important person is reported missing, and your help is required. But can you solve the mystery?

SOLVE A MYSTERY is great fun. Try it together with your family, friends or colleagues.

The game lasts around 2 hours and takes place outdoors in the area around Cathedral of Barcelona within a radius of about 2 kilometer. 

People say the most beautiful things about our mysteries

Christian Morville

The historical perspective and the use of the surroundings made the puzzle an exciting experience. The two hours disappeared in no time.

Familien Babin

We had super fun. 

And then we solved the mystery!

The alternative had been a disaster ; )

Tzara Tristana

Value for money !!! Highly recommended to everyone. Worked well with many groups especially for those who won ... ha ha ha